This article contains major plot spoilers from the manga that have not been revealed in the anime. Proceed at your own risk.

Yuu Haruna
Yuu Haruna
Haruna Yū
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 168cm (5'3")
Weight 55kg
Blood Type O
Birthday August 1 (Leo)
Likes Twitter, Smartphones
Dislikes Exercise
Musical Profile
Role Bassist
Instrument Bass Guitar
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Chitose Haruna (younger sister)
Maya Haruna (older sister)
Hibiki Haruna (older sister)
Unnamed parents
Occupation Student (former)
Musician (current)
School Aoba High school

Yusuke Kobayashi (Japanese, adult)
Muranaka Tomo (Japanese, child)
Aaron Dismuke (English)

Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
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Yuu Haruna (榛名優? Haruna Yū) is the main protagonist of the Fuuka! series. He is also bassist of the band The Fallen Moon (later renamed Blue Wells).


Yuu has dark blue hair and green eyes. His hair is short and wavy. He has fair and pale coloured skin. He is mostly seen wearing his school's uniform, and with his phone. He wears a pair of brown school shoes.


Yuu is portrayed as a loner who doesn't socialize much and always relies on superficial things like the amount of Twitter followers he has[1]. He is known to get easily depressed, which explains his masturbation.


Yuu used to play games with his childhood friend and crush, Koyuki Hinashi. One day, Koyuki left without even saying goodbye. As he grew up he always had the regret of not telling her how he felt about her.


Yuu has just moved to Tokyo with his three sisters; Chitose, Maya and Hibiki, after their father moved overseas for a job, and their mother followed. He first meets Fuuka Akitsuki after she ran into him and mistakenly accuses him of being a pervert when she thought he was taking a picture of her, breaking his phone.


  • In a bonus chapter of the manga series Real Account, it is revealed that he masturbates 24 times a week. As the rough draft for the special was submitted by Seo Kouji himself, this fact can be considered canon.
  • In the manga after the sudden death of Fuuka Akitsuki, he has stopped using his cell phone.


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