Fuuka is the first chapter of the titular series Fuuka. It was released on February 12, 2014. It introduces the two main characters, Yuu Haruna and Fuuka Akitsuki.


The chapter opens with Yuu Haruna, having finished moving to Tokyo, heading out to get dinner. He is busy reporting his status on Twitter and notices too late a girl jumping over a construction sign.

They crash into each other and she drops a number of CDs on the ground. After recovering, she accuses him of attempting to take pictures of her panties and smashes his phone before slapping him.

She picks up her things and leaves before Yuu can explain the misunderstanding, but in her haste, leaves a CD behind, which Yuu picks up.

Later, at home, two of his sisters, Chitose Haruna and Hibiki Haruna, berate him for being late. Having also seen his Twitter update, they tease him for his preoccupation with his phone. He attempts to brush them off as his eldest sister, Maya Haruna comes to his defense although he is still annoyed with the situation.

It is revealed that their father was transferred overseas with their mother accompanying him. As Maya already has a job in Tokyo with Hibiki attending college there as well, the decision to made for Yuu and Chitose to move to Tokyo as well, a development neither of them like.