At home, Yuu is given free tickets to a romance movie called “Half and Half” from his oldest sister, Maya.

On the school roof, Fuuka voices her wanting to see the film, mainly due to Koyuki Hinashi singing the theme song. Yuu comments how loud she is, and she replies that she can get louder when she wants to. Yuu asks why she couldn’t watch it by herself, and she replies she spent most of her allowance on buying CDs. He reluctantly agrees to let her join him.  

At Hachiko’s statue in Shibuya, Yuu waits for Fuuka and notices she is late, annoyed she doesn’t own a mobile phone. Fuuka is infact waiting on the other side of the statue, and they comically miss each other. After 40 minutes of waiting, he figured she might be in a different location, and starts to run across the street. As Fuuka notices Yuu running towards the crossing she stands and screams out his name, which he hears despite all the noise around them. As he runs towards her, she accidentally jumps and knees him in the face. Instead of apologising, she remarks to him that she can be loud when she’s serious.