As Yuu walks down from his room to the living room, he suspects the twitter user, Tama, must be someone he knows since she addressed him as "Niko-kun", Chitose shouts at Yuu that Tama Koyuki is on TV and her CD has reached the top of the charts in one week. Hibiki reveals Yuu and Tama were pretty close back in elementary school. She teases him to get into contact with her, and he freaks out. He chooses not to reveal to her sisters Tama tried to contact him, but wonders why she would. 

At school, Yuu is still wondering what to write back to her. As he enters the class room, he notices Fuuka facing the window/ She turns and reveals her eyes filled with tears. She runs out of the class room and Yuu wonders why she was crying. He looks out of the window and he sees the boy, who tried to ask her to join Track and Field, training. 

In class, Yuu notices Fuuka is sad, and her friends ask her if she is ok, in she said she is. They also talked about the boy, his name revealed to be Nachi, turning down Suzuki from Class C. Fuuka's friend think he actually likes Fuuka. This makes Yuu think Fuuka is actually crying after being turned down by Nachi. 

On the school's roof, Yuu finds Fuuka sitting by herself. He tells her to cheer up and everyone gets their heart broken at some point. Fuuka doesnt understand and tells him she was crying because she was listening to a CD by Tama. Embarassed for misunderstanding once again, Yuu tries to leave, but Fuuka tells him not to tell anyone she cried because of a CD. She proceeds to tease him for jumping to conclusions, or just bad at reading the mood, which upsets him and runs out. Fuuka, to herself, says he is kind, just like his name implies.